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Human-Centered Design (HCD) is an emerging practice and is becoming an increasingly valued and sought-after skill in all industries. In short, it is a framework for problem solving that revolves around, well, humans. While Princeton doesn’t offer a clear academic path for design, it houses designers from far and wide, and ResInDe provides the space for them to work together.

Human-Centered Design

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Princeton ResInDe is founded to bring value to you in several ways:

  • To immerse yourself in the world of practical and design thinking.
  • To work on meaningful projects that generate a lasting impact on local communities.
  • To amp up your resume and portfolio.
  • To join a community of designers, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers.

In addition to working on projects, you’ll join a community of designers, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers that:

  • Gets excited about innovation
  • Constantly brainstorms new ways to better our communities
  • Attends fun social events!
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ResInDe is committed to an ongoing mission of cultivating a conversation around design and innovative thinking at Princeton, so we offer opportunities for all students to gain exposure into the design world. Check out our past events below, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about our future events!

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